Teams from the Department of Structural Biology and Chemistry and from Computational Biology develop new molecules, technologies and approaches to detect and fight AMR.


Paola B. Arimondo - Epigenetic Chemical Biology Unit

This unit develops chemical compounds targeting the epigenetic regulation to reprogram cells: infected cells, cancer cells, parasites, bacteria and virus or their host.

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Alexandre Chenal - Biochemistry of Macromolecular Interactions

This group produces and uses membranes, lipid vesicles (SUV, LUV, MLV,…) and planar membranes (single lipid bilayers, tethered lipid bilayers) to characterize the properties of membrane-active proteins and their effects on membranes. 

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Rayan Chikhi - Sequence Bioinformatics (G5)

Development of bioinformatics algorithms and methods, applied to biological problems, e.g. detection of AMR genes.

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Ahmed Haouz - PF Crystallography

Crystallography is a powerful technique used in the development of antimicrobial drugs.

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Marcel Hollenstein - Bioorganic Chemistry of nucleic acids Unit

This team develops modified aptamers for the detection and selective destruction of multiresistant bacteria and stop progression of diseases.

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Nadia Izadi-Pruneyre - Structural Bioinformatics Unit

The scientists recently developed a new approach that combines NMR in whole cell and in silico docking to characterise hit-target interactions at the atomic level. 

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Thérèse Malliavin - Structural Bioinformatics Unit

This group uses molecular modeling for analyzing functional dynamics of proteins having relation to the microbial resistance.

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Laurence Mulard - Biomolecules Chemistry Unit

Synergizing chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, and synthesis to defeat AMR by means of tailored glycans, peptides and conjugates thereof, as molecular targets, molecular tools and chemical probes on the way to innovative therapeutics, diagnostic tools or vaccines.

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Hélène Munier-Lehmann - Biochemistry and screening group, Chemistry and biocatalysis Unit

Explore the macromolecular assembly of nucleotide biosynthesis enzymes and search for chemical compounds as modulators of these interactions to develop new antibacterials; identification of chemical tools by HTS in the field of anti-infective agents.

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Sylvie Pochet - Chemistry and biocatalysis Unit

Design and synthesis of NAD kinase inhibitors as novel antibacterial agents.

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