Pasteur International Network association


    general presentation


    Contribute to the prevention and fight against (infectious) diseases for a better global health through:

    • Research 
    • Public health activities
    • Training
    • Business development and technology transfer

    General Objectives

    A flexible, operational platform, which can help the Institut Pasteur international community with the implementation of:

    • Its wider scientific strategy
    • Regional policies and scientific actions (projects and trainings)
    • Cross-cutting actions
    • Operational assistance and the translation of research questions and outcomes to the concerned communities, policy makers and the general public
    • Its organization and governance


    Board & Team

    Representatives of Institut Pasteur, Paris:

    • Stewart COLE, President (Chair) -Treasurer
    • Isabelle BUCKLE, Director of Research Applications and Industrial Relations
    • Arnaud FONTANET, Director of the Department for Global Health
    • Christophe D'ENFERT, Scientific Director
    • François ROMANEIX, Senior Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance

    Elected administrators:

    • American Region: Institut Pasteur of French Guyana, represented by Mirdad KAZANJI, Director
    • Asian Region: Institut Pasteur of Shanghaï – Chinese Academy of Sciences, represented by Hong TANG, General Director
    • Maghreb Region: Institut Pasteur of Tunis, represented by Hechmi LOUZIR, Director
    • African Region: Institut Pasteur of Madagascar, represented by André SPIEGEL, Director
    • European Region: Institut Pasteur of Lille, represented by Benoît DEPREZ, Scientific Counsellor

    External Members:

    • Mrs Rebecca Grais, Director of Department of Research, Epicentre
    • Mrs Marie-Paule Kieny, INSERM Research Director


    • Pierre-Marie GIRARD, Executive Director
    • Kathleen VICTOIR, PhD, Operational Director
    • Koussai DELLAGI, International Scientific Advisor
    • Paola PINO UNTI, Digital Communications Manager
    • Fatma HAIDARA, Executive Assistant

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