Exhibition "From Louis to Pasteur: 1822-1895"

An exhibition available for free download

"From Louis to Pasteur: 1822-1895," an exhibition available for free download - Institut Pasteur

To mark the bicentenary of the birth of Louis Pasteur, the Institut Pasteur and Pasteur Museum have designed an exhibition about the life and work of the scientist. Ten display panels present Louis Pasteur's major scientific achievements, some key information about his personal life and his scientific legacy.

The exhibition is available to download in a variety of digital formats. It was produced with the support and endorsement of Louis Pasteur experts Sandra Legout, head of the heritage collection and contact person for historical archives at the Institut Pasteur, Erik Orsenna, member of the Académie Française and Ambassador of the Institut Pasteur and the Pasteur Network, Annick Perrot, honorary curator of the Pasteur Museum, and Maxime Schwartz, honorary President of the Institut Pasteur.



Practical details

The exhibition is available to download as a free PDF in three digital formats:

  • An A1 format (59.4 x 84.1cm)
  • A roll-up banner format (200 x 80cm)
  • An A4 booklet format (29.7 x 21cm)

To access these files, simply fill out the form below. Once you have filled out the form, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the PDFs.
You will also receive an email containing download links.

If you wish to make use of the exhibition, we would ask you to comply with the associated terms of use.

For exceptional events, the Pasteur Museum can also provide the exhibition printed on large-format panels ready to display (eleven 80x200cm roll-up banners),
as a free short-term loan for venues in mainland France. The Pasteur Museum will review any requests made in this respect.

Transport costs for the exhibition are payable by the person or organization requesting the exhibition.

For further information about loan conditions and the availability of the exhibitions, please write to us.

If you would like to know more about the bicentenary or receive the official bicentenary label for your project, go to pasteur2022.fr.

You can use the hashtag #pasteur2022 for any publications on social media related to the exhibition.


Terms of use

The Institut Pasteur and Pasteur Museum are offering the exhibition "From Louis to Pasteur: 1822-1895" as a free download.

In exchange, we would ask you:

  • To fill out the form and indicate how you will be using the exhibition
  • Not to change the exhibition panels and poster
  • Not to change the Institut Pasteur logo and the bicentenary label on any of the panels or the poster
  • To display the panels in chronological order
  • To use the following paragraph in your communications about the exhibition and to use the bicentenary label:

"From Louis to Pasteur: 1822-1895" is an exhibition produced by the Institut Pasteur and Pasteur Museum to mark the bicentenary of Louis Pasteur's birth.
The exhibition is an accredited event that has been awarded the bicentenary label by the General Bicentenary Committee.
The aim of the bicentenary label is to bring the various initiatives associated with the anniversary under one banner (find out more at pasteur2022.fr).
The portrait of Louis Pasteur represented on the label is the work of artist Fabrice Hyber.


Download the exhibition "From Louis to Pasteur: 1822-1895"

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