Laureates 2013


Christelle Desnues, PhD,works for the CNRS Unit of Emerging Tropical Diseases at the la Timone University hospital, Marseille, France. She was nominated in the category of “Innovative Approaches to disease prevention, including vaccines”.  She has been honored for her work in viral metagenomics and microbial ecology and in support of her current research on the diversity of viruses in the environment associated with humans.  


Roy Kishony, PhD, Harvard Medical School, USA, and Technion, Israel, was nominated in the category of “New approaches to drug resistance”. He has established the quantitative principles governing evolution of resistance in multi-drug treatments, creating a new discipline at the intersection of pharmacology, systems biology, and evolution. He has been honored for his original systems biology research explaining the principles governing the evolution of drug resistance.





Carolina Barillas-MuryMD, PhD, Senior Investigator at the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA, was rewarded for her scientific contributions to the understanding of mosquito immune responses that affect malaria transmission. Her research incorporates insect biology, physiology and genetic strategies to understand the ways malaria parasites deal with mosquitos’ antiplasmodial defenses to survive and multiply 


Alain Fischer, MD, PhD, Director of the Pediatric Immunology Unit (Inserm), Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades, Professor at the Paris Descartes University, Paris France, was nominated in the “Immunology, immunomodulation, immunogenetics and translational technologies” category. He was selected by the Sanofi - Institut Pasteur jury for elucidation of the molecular basis of more than 30 primary immunodeficiencies in young children and the development of the first effective gene therapy in humans.