Pejman Rohani

Pejman Rohani

Unmasking the interaction between influenza and bacterial pneumonia

Abstract: Polymicrobial infections, whereby the transmission and pathogenicity of one agent are affected by interactions with other pathogens, are increasingly recognized. An important putative manifestation of this phenomenon involves pneumococcus bacteria and their role in mortality during influenza pandemics and seasonal epidemics. While experiments in animal models have unequivocally demonstrated enhanced host susceptibility to bacterial challenge after an influenza infection, epidemiological evidence for such an association remains inconclusive. Here, we take advantage of high-resolution, spatially-resolved incidence reports on influenza and pneumonia prior to vaccination and use a likelihood-based inference framework to tease apart the timing and magnitude of any interaction.  We examine the empirical support for increased pneumococcal pathogenicity, transmission or host susceptibility following influenza infection.

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