Phylogénomique Microbienne

Microorganisms have dominated most of Life history and represent the largest fraction of the biosphere. However, much of their diversity is still unknown, as are many aspects of their evolutionary history.


In our group we explore the biodiversity of microorganisms through phylogenomics approaches. We are particularly interested in reconstructing the evolutionary relationships among organisms at large-taxonomic scale (Order, Phylum, Domain, Tree of Life), highlight the existence of novel microbial lineages, study the origin and evolutionary history of key cellular processes, and investigate major transitions in the history of Life on our planet.

gribaldo.jpgSimonetta Gribaldo


Unité de Biologie Moléculaire du Gène chez les Extrêmophiles (BMGE)

Bâtiment Fernbach 3eme étage

Institut Pasteur, 25 rue Dr. Roux

75724 Paris cedex 15 France



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