Postdoctoral position in quantitative microbiology/biophysics

For my new G5 lab at the Institut Pasteur in Paris I am searching for a  postdoc interested in the biophysics and cell-biology of bacteria.


Our group seeks to understand molecular mechanisms of bacterial  physiology from a biophysics perspective using high-precision fluorescence microscopy, mathematical modeling, and tools of molecular microbiology.  Our major goal is to understand the physical and regulatory mechanisms underlying bacterial cell shape during growth and division.  Furthermore, we are interested in a broad range of complex single- and multi-cellular behaviors (biofilms) in bacteria, that require a quantitative understanding of the stochastic interplay of molecules, proteins, and even cells.  The particular project will be worked out together with the candidate, who will thus have the chance to lay the grounds for his/her own independent academic career.


SKILLS/EXPERIENCE:  As a highly interdisciplinary research team we are searching for biologists with an interest in quantitative techniques as well as physicists, chemists, and engineers with a strong interest in biology. Experience in either or several of the following is a plus: microscopy and optics, microfluidics, biophysical modeling, molecular microbiology including genetics and biochemistry.  However, more important is a keen interest in biology and the willingness to learn new approaches.


Our lab is situated in the new building 'Francois Jacob' at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, which facilitates interactions with lots of other labs in and around Paris.

For questions contact me by email:

For applications please send by email a cover letter including a short motivation, CV, and two references.

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