Submission Instructions

Application is by nomination. Self-nominations will not be accepted.


The nominator should be an eminent scientist: the head of a university or scientific institution, a member of an academy of sciences or other national scientific institution, holder of a research chair, a permanent or assistant Professor, a previous Pasteur Sanofi – Institut Pasteur awardee, holder of a Ph.D.

The nominator may be affiliated with the same institution as the candidate.

Criteria for applicants:

  • Mid-career award: the candidates should not be more than 52 years old on 1-7-2016.
  • National Junior awards: the candidates should not be more than 45 years old on 1-7-2016 and should work in France.

Outstanding research as principal investigators; publications as last author.

The application must be submitted on line via the web site:




The application requests (to be filled on line):

  • A vulgarized summary of the research project
  • A summary of  the candidate’s main scientific achievements
  • One sentence stating the principal reason for nomination

 In addition, the application consists of the following documents, submitted as individual pdf files to download:

  • Letter of nomination, describing the scientific accomplishments of the candidate and the reasons he/she deserves the prize – 2-pages maximum
  • Short curriculum vitae of the candidate – 2 pages maximum
  • List of the candidate’s 10 most significant publications already published, in order of importance
  • Copies of the first page of candidate’s three most important publications 
  • Two letters (maximum) of recommendation from individuals not at the candidate’s institution – optional
  • ID copy

Applications should not contain confidential information and must not infringe upon third party intellectual property rights.

Incomplete or paper applications will not be considered.

The deadline to submit applications is Tuesday, 14th June, 2016.


The "submit here" button will direct you to the Awards submission website to create an account and upload the files. Submission may be done by the candidate, the nominator or a secretary. Whoever begins the submission gives an email address and chooses a password in order to establish an account.

You will need to check the box indicating that you have read and accepted the Award Rules, available on this website:

An email of confirmation will be sent to the login email address when all of the required files have been uploaded.

It is not necessary to upload all the pdf files at the same time. The submission website can be reached again by pushing the Submitt button here:




The initial login information will permit repeated access to the user account to upload additional files or to replace files if desired.

For questions, please contact:

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