Joseph Dureau


The Public Library of Models: an open source project towards social modeling 

Abstract: The current publication formats, as well as the vagaries of mathematical formulations and practical implementations, create frictions that prevent modelers from easily reproducing each other's work, comparing their results, and making them easily actionable to serve decision-making. The Public Library of Models aims to make modeling social, allowing anyone to browse models and their past applications, compare their performance in given contexts, and build upon them. This open web platform is compatible with models written in any language abiding by standard input and output formats. Yet, it closely integrates high-level modeling libraries (like Bugs) to promote formats that permit easy comprehension, distribution and customisation of models. In this perspective, and in order to meet up with the computational challenges posed by epidemic modeling, the SSM library of modeling and inference tools for state space models has been developed. For illustration purposes, the use of the SSM library for model selection in the context of Hand Foot and Mouth disease will be presented. 

Mis à jour le 01/10/2013