Alun Llyod


Modeling novel strategies for controlling mosquito-borne diseases 

Abstract: Dengue is the most significant mosquito-borne viral infection of humans, causing hundreds of millions of infections annually. The main line of attack against dengue has been traditional mosquito control measures, such as insecticides. The coming years will see the broadening of our anti-dengue arsenal to include genetically-modified mosquitoes, biocontrol methods---such as Wolbachia---and vaccines. Mathematical models are being, and have been, used to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of a number of these approaches at various stages of their development. In this talk, I shall discuss the biological bases of some of these novel strategies and the accompanying modeling work, illustrating the use of a number of different models as the projects move along the path from theoretical proposals, through lab-based studies to field deployment. 

Mis à jour le 01/10/2013