Graduate office

The Graduate office of the PPU program is the link between students and all aspects of their academic life at the Institut Pasteur during their research stay.


The office is setup in order to respond to inquiries from the very start of the program, i.e. student’s arrival, till completing their final requirements for their Ph.D. diploma, and beyond. The office is composed of the committee members and a secretarial assistant who is in charge of administrative and academic aspects of the program.


Paul Lazarow

Paul Lazarow, Ph.D.

Dean of the Institut Pasteur- Paris University international doctoral program

Pierre Bruhns

Pierre Bruhns, Ph.D.

PPU program committee member


Susanna Celli, Ph.D.

PPU program comittee member


Simonetta Gribaldo, Ph.D.

PPU program comittee member


Molly Ingersoll, Ph.D.

PPU program committee member


Melanie Hamon, Ph.D

PPU program committee member


Marc Laverrière, Ph.D.

PPU program committee member

Nicholas Malmquist

Nicholas Malmquist, Ph.D.

PPU Program committee member

Lisa Riffaud

Lisa Riffaud


Monica Sala

Monica Sala, Ph.D.

Teaching Director of Institut Pasteur

Paulo Vieira, M.D.

PPU program committee member


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