Financial support and benefits

Students will be employees of the Institut Pasteur with a three-year working contract.


Students selected for the PPU program will be employees of Institut Pasteur with a three-year working contract. The amount of the gross salary is around 2.200 Euros per month. The net salary is approximately 25 % less, the difference covering very comprehensive social benefits (national health care, health insurance, retirement and unemployment). There is no financial support for family members.


The financial support for the fellowships and the educational training comes mainly from the Institut Pasteur. In addition, the program benefits from support by other Institutions, including partner institutions of Institut Pasteur, some governmental agencies and private foundations.


The PPU program offers assistance in finding housing upon arrival in France. In addition, a financial support will be provided to cover, in part, expenses related to attending international conferences or summer courses.


The students will have access to all amenities at Institut Pasteur and the university for reduced fees, including :


  • Subsidized access to the cafeteria for lunch ;
  • Conferences on the campus ;
  • Sports with ASIP (Association Sportive de l’Institut Pasteur) ;
  • Discounts on travels ;
  • Cultural tokens from the "Comité d’entreprise" ; (Institut Pasteur employee benefits committee).


Benefits include individualized or grouped professional training and counseling by the Human Resources department.


Access to internet is free on the campus. Students must abide to the institut’s rules concerning internet access and use. As an employee of Institut Pasteur, they will have free access to a state of the art Library facility (Médiathèque) and to hundreds of scientific journals listed in pubmed. The library hosts the most extensive resources for microbiology, immunology and molecular biology in France. It is also the unique World Health Organization publication repository in the country.



For information :


  • Income taxes in France need to be paid to the tax office. These taxes represent approximately the equivalent of a month salary per year for single.


  • Students will have to register at one of the associated universities (registration fees are approximately 350 Euros / year).
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