Mouse genetics

This five-week intensive laboratory and lecture course covers the analysis of gene function at all levels: the gene and its product, the cell and its interactions, the embryonic tissues and the entire animal.


This course offers a full traing program for advanced graduate and PhD students, as well as post graduate biologists and medical doctors willing to work on medical and experimental Mammalian Genetics.


The theoretical part of this course deals, in particular, with the early embryo biology, pluripotent stem cells, cellular and molecular mechanisms controling embryogenesis and methods to study cell lineage in mouse embryos, gene inactivation and conditional expression systems for transgenes, the role of small RNAs, and genetic analysis of mendelian and complex traits.


The practical part presents methods and techniques used to derive induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) from differentiated cells, to study behavioral traits and to analyze gene function in embryonic and adult mutants, to map mendelian traits and perform positional cloning, and to identify QTLs. They illustrate the use of RNA interference to silence gene expression.


The program of the course organized the previous year can be downloaded to get detailed information on the general frame of the course; some topics and practical works may change each year, without altering the general aims means of the course.


Program of the course Mouse genetics 2013-2014 (PDF, 700 Ko)


Candidates must have a good knowledge of basic laboratory techniques at the Master degree level. The committee of the course will evaluate applications.


Members of the Teaching Committee :


A. Lalouette* (Université Paris-Diderot),

E. Coeffier (Institut Pasteur),

X. Montagutelli (Institut Pasteur),

M. Sala (Institut Pasteur),

H. Waxin (Institut Pasteur),

J.-J. Panthier* (Institut Pasteur, Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort),

B. Robert (Institut Pasteur),

M. Cohen-Tannoudji (Institut Pasteur),

J.-P. Rousset* (Université Paris-Sud 11),

F. Toledo*(Université P. et M. Curie).


* University Representatives


Practical information


Title of the course Mouse genetics
Directors Xavier Montagutelli

Mouse Fonctional Genetics Unit,

Institut Pasteur


Jean-Jacques Panthier

Mouse Fonctional Genetics Unit,

CNRS UMR 7102,

Alfort Veterinary Medical School

Head of studies

Michel Cohen-Tannoudji

Mouse Functional Genetics Unit

CNRS, URA 2578

Institut Pasteur

Language English
Participants 20
Duration 5 weeks

January 5th to february 10th, 2015

Closing date for application June 30, 2014

Institut Pasteur Diploma


Diplôme d'Université (DU) from University Paris Diderot for people registering at this university (registration fees ≈ 250 €).


Credits for a master degree for students registered at partner universities.


Attending conferences can be validated as "module d'école doctorale" for students registered  at partner universities.



On line registration

Registration fees


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