Cours international sur les antibiotiques et la résistance (ICARe)


The emergence and spread of bacteria resistant to many drug classes seriously threaten all branches of modern medicine. There is currently no course providing advanced instruction on antibiotics and resistance. The specific goal of ICARe is to bring leaders in academics and industry together with trained scientists at the dawn of their careers. Cutting-edge approaches for detection of resistance and antibiotic discovery, chemical optimization, and usage that minimizes the developement of resistance will be examined.

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Les Pensières, Annecy, France
6-14 octobre, 2018
1er juin 2018
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Diplôme de l'Institut Pasteur

Course: ICARe was conceived by an international group of thought leaders from the Institut Pasteur, Harvard Medical School, McMaster University, biotech, diagnostic, and pharma industry, and teaching hospitals. The faculty is composed of 40 internationally recognized scientists and physicians who have made important contributions to antibiotic development, and infectious diseases and resistance management. Faculty will be in residence for a minimum of 2 days and  accessible for informal interactions. Graduates will emerge with a state-of-the-art understanding of existing antibiotics: modes of action, pharmacology, toxicology, mechanisms of resistance, impact of antibiotics on human and other ecologies, current approaches for mining chemical space for antimicrobial activity, the process of advancing hits to leads, the application of next generation nucleic acid-based technologies for antibiotic discovery and resistance detection, and perhaps, most importantly, training and experience in thinking creatively and innovatively about solutions to the problem. The course aims to build an international cadre of collaborative, well networked, and highly trained specialists.

Audience: ICARe is designed for early career scientists - assistant professors, new industry scientists, MDs, and postdoctoral research associates - as well as members from developing areas contending with the practical challenge of managing the antibiotic resistance problem with limited resources. Attendance will be limited to 40 students and will reflect the global nature of the problem.

Format: The course will be administered over 8 days and will consist of formal instruction, review of the literature, small group problem solving including hands-on use of relevant computational tools, innovation-driven brainstorming sessions, and network building.

Présentation générale du Cours international sur les antibiotiques et la résistance

Cours Icare - Institut Pasteur
Cours Icare - Institut Pasteur
Cours Icare - Institut Pasteur


Affiche cours ICARe 2018 - Institut Pasteur

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Patrice Courvalin, Institut Pasteur

8 jours
Membres du comité de cours

P. Courvalin (Institut Pasteur)

C. Grillot-Courvalin (Institut Pasteur)

S. Malot (Institut Pasteur)

V. Ponticelli ( Institut Pasteur)

M. Sala (Institut Pasteur)

H. Waxin (Institut Pasteur)


C. Arias ( Univ. of Texas, USA)

K. Bush (Indiana Univ., USA)

G. Challis (Univ. of Warwick, UK)

T. Dougherty (Harvard Medical School, USA)

S. Lahiri (Macrolide Pharmaceuticals, USA)

S. Lory (Harvard Medical School, USA)

A. Myers (Harvard Univ., USA)

S. Projan (MedImmune, USA)

H.-G. Sahl (Univ. of Bonn, Germany)

M.-W. Tan (Genentech, USA)

Frais de participation

Etudiant : 1 000 euros

Auto-financement : 1 000 euros

Formation continue organisme public : 1 000 euros 

Formation continue société privée : 3 000 euros

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Les Pensières, Annecy, France.

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