International Training Courses 2015 - Institut Pasteur International Network

Each year the International Division issues a call for proposals for courses and training workshops aimed primarily at research scientists, technicians and students from the Network, as well as people from other institutions (e.g. ministries or universities), who can subsequently put their knowledge to use in other national or regional organizations.





  • Provide additional training to scientists at different stages of a scientific career
  • Strengthen scientific relationships between scientists within the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP).
  • Respond to research and public health priorities in different parts of the Institut Pasteur International Network.
  • Strengthen training in vaccinology, genomics, bioinformatics-integrative biology, biostatistics, technology transfer and development, biomedical ressources.
  • Bring together world leaders and young researchers for discussion and generation of innovative projects. Increase the awareness of other top institutions on emerging fields.
  • Develop partnerships with Universities and encourage graduate courses.


Type of Courses

  • Technical workshops (Size of about 20). The focus should be on cutting-edge techniques.  By cutting-edge one should also consider absolutely necessary techniques in special settings or given areas.
  • Postgraduate courses (Size of about 20-40). The focus should be on training young scientists on selected topics by combining some practical work with top-quality lectures and rely on innovative learning strategies.
  • E-Learning and MOOCs through online resources.


The courses are for scientists, engineers and senior technicians. Priority will be give to candidates from  the Institut Pasteur International Network


Selection Criteria

  • The main criteria for selection are the quality of the course (topics, organization) and the team of teachers
  • Priority will be given to courses conducted in an institute from the Institut Pasteur International Network.
  • Funding for the project must be justified and in line with the format of the course. The fundraising is encouraged and the financial support of RIIP will be at maximum 80% of the total budget. The budget should include support of scientific and technical RIIP, no other fellowship will be granted. Generally, funding may not exceed 30,000 euros.


Online Application exclusively


Online Application


Courses, will selected with the help of external reviewers according to the scientific strategy implemented by the Institut Pasteur International Network

A detailed financial and technical report must be sent a month after the end of the course and must include:

• Information on the general organisation of the course and how it was held, and the procedure for selecting participants;

• Course programme;

• List of participants (names, nationality and the institution they came from);

• Overall appraisals of the level of the participants;

• Method for appraising the participants;

• List of the documents handed out;

• Balance sheet;

• Summary of the participant satisfaction survey.



- Deadline for submitting the application: May 31th 2014

- Sending to external reporters: June-July 2014

- Validation: September 2014

- Notification: November- December 2014



Eliane Coëffier and Antoine Talarmin


Updated on 10/04/2014

One call per year

Deadline : May 31st
Reviewers : June-July
Validation by RIIP Executive Bureau : end of September
Notification : November - December

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