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Ils nous soutiennent - Institut Pasteur

Total Fondation

Infectious diseases affect the world's most vulnerable populations to a disproportionate extent. The Total Foundation has chosen to fight against this inequality by joining forces with the Institut Pasteur and the Institut Pasteur International Network to improve access to prevention, screening and treatment for children in countries with limited resources. 


Ils nous soutiennent - Institut Pasteur


Sanofi and the Institut Pasteur organize the Sanofi-Institut Pasteur Awards for Biomedical Research each year. These awards recognize the work of internationally renowned scientists whose discoveries lead to practical applications in research fields with a major impact on global health. The Sanofi Group's vaccine subsidiary, Sanofi Pasteur, also supports the Institut Pasteur's vaccinology course.


Ils nous soutiennent - Institut Pasteur


MSDAVENIR is committed to contributing to projects that further scientific and medical knowledge. MSDAVENIR is supporting two major projects at the Institut Pasteur: Birdy, for research into neonatal infections and antibiotic resistance in young children in low-income countries, and Pibnet, which aims to set up a global surveillance network for epidemics and infectious diseases.


Ils nous soutiennent - Institut Pasteur

Fondation Daniel
et Nina Carasso

The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation supports projects of general interest in two major areas: food and art.

It is currently supporting the "Organoid" project, which aims to foster interdisciplinary links between artists in all fields and Institut Pasteur scientists. The idea is to devise new representations of some of the Institut Pasteur's scientific concepts, discoveries and inventions.




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