Chemistry and Biocatalysis

Head of Unit: Sylvie Pochet



The research in the Unit of Chemistry and Biocatalysis associated to CNRS (URA2128) focuses on the design and synthesis of new chemical entities targeting enzymes from nucleoside metabolism, and the characterization of unexplored protein targets.


The unit is currently developing modified nucleos(t)ides as substrate mimics to provide insight into enzyme substrate recognition, as well as libraries of functionalized heterocycles useful for the fragment based approach. Novel enzymatic routes (transglycosylation, deamination, phosphorylation) as an alternative to chemical approaches are also considered. Synthesized molecules find applications in the identification of inhibitors of essential bacterial enzymes (TMPK from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and NAD kinases from Gram-positive bacteria), characterisation of an original viral target (vaccinia virus TMPK) and of a previously undescribed mammalian N-nucleoside hydrolase involved in cell proliferation (Rcl). In addition, the new chemical entities implement the in house chemical libraries that are screened on a versatile robotic platform. 

Current research projects :
- Antibacterial agents : NMPK from M. tuberculosis - NADK from L. monocytogenes
- Enzymatic approaches : NDT family
- Rcl, a mammalian nucleotide N-hydrolase
- Flexible shape-modified nucleosides
- Screening activity


Chemistry and Biocatalysis
Sylvie Pochet

Tel: 01 40 61 38 05

Marie-Ange Garnier

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