Collection of Cyanobacteria

Head of Lab: Muriel Gugger




Our research focuses on the evolution of the Cyanobacteria and their impressive diversity in terms of morphologies, ecologies, physiologies and secondary metabolisms….


This allows Cyanobacteria to colonize the Earth.




The Pasteur Culture collection of Cyanobacteria

Created in July 2009, the Collection of Cyanobacteria houses the Pasteur Culture collection of Cyanobacteria and continues its different service activities (acquisition and preservation of the organisms; sales of strains and consultation).


Visit the PCC website to access to our strains


November 01, 2014

Return from Claire PANCRACE (after her Master thesis) who is starting her PhD at University Paris VI investigating the natural products of fresh water Cyanobacteria under the supervision of Muriel GUGGER (Institut Pasteur) and Jean-Francois HUMBERT (iEES Paris) in the frame of the ARDoC funding from Île-de-France Region.

GIS Cyanobacteria

Muriel GUGGER is one of the current board members of the GIS Cyanobacteria, grouping the French scientific community working on the cyanobacteria