Biology of Infection

Systemic infections result from the invasion of hosts by microbial pathogens. A critical pathogenic determinant is microbial translocation from the external environment into the host and dissemination to protected tissues such as the central nervous system and the fetus.

Our research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the ability of microbes to target specifically host cells, disseminate within tissues and cross mucosal, blood-brain and placental barriers.




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Contact & Access

Biology of Infection Unit

(Unité Biologie des Infections)

Inserm U1117

Institut Pasteur

28, rue du Docteur Roux

75724 Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE


We are on the first floor (Rez de chaussée haut) of the building Duclaux, Fourneau wing.


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We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a strong background in one or more of the following or related fields:

- Cell biology
- Microbiology
- Virology
- Immunology
- Pathophysiology
- Genomics
- Bioinformatics
- Imaging

We welcome candidates for post docs, internships, PhDs and master degrees.

For questions or applications please contact Marc Lecuit:

NRC / WHO-CC Listeria



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