The Department of Immunology, which includes 14 research units and 2 technical platforms composed of 166 scientists, has a shared interest in exploring the fundamental processes of immunity  with the hope to provide new insight into disease pathogenesis, inspire novel vaccines and design unique therapeutic strategies.


Moreover, we share a commitment to training the next generation of scientists dedicated to research excellence in the field of immunology.



Heads of lab at Institut Pasteur


June 24th

Paul Kaye, Centre for Immunology and Infection, University of York, Royaume-Uni

Pathways to Leishmania persistence: in vivo veritas

Invited by Philippe Bousso


June 30th
Marion Pepper, Département d’Immunologie -Université de Washington, Etats-Unis

Understanding allergen-specific tissue resident memory cells

Invited by Cécile Alanio