Plasmids and transposons



The deposit of a plasmid or transposon must be accompanied by a completed "deposit of plasmids or transposons form" indicating, among others, the culture conditions.
The deposit of a plasmid or transposon in the CIP is free. The CIP reserves the right to accept or to refuse the deposition of plasmids or transposons. All demand for a deposit of a plasmid or transposon in the CIP must be formulated in writing, enclosing the publication to be submitted to enable the CIP to carry out the necessary controls.

Quality control

Plasmids and transposons are stored in a bacterial host. The strains are frozen. Their viability and purity are checked and chromosomal and/or plasmid markers are tested before delivery.


Read the paragraph "ordering procedure" from the section "Distribution of bacteria strains”.
The distribution of some plasmids is restricted. You need to contact the CRBIP directly to obtain the list of these plasmids and to order them.

Culture of strains containing a plasmid

The strains are delivered frozen or in active culture. Following its delivery, the strain should be cultured on non-selective medium and on an appropriate selective medium.

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