Strains may only be returned in the event of faulty material. Written details must accompany such returns together with a copy of the original delivery order
1) - Tor order a strain to the CIP, The customer agrees implicitly not to resell the strain and to mention the acronym of the CIP Collection and the number of the strain (e.g. 6301) in any publication or communication implying this strain.

2) - Strains obtained from CIP must not be redistributed in other laboratories or Collections. This is vital to avoid contamination and for incorrect numbering of the strain after its arrival in the client’s laboratory.

General information

Strains are distributed exclusively to public, private and teaching establishments with a microbiology laboratory. For some strains, the order must be accompanied by a discharge of responsibility:

• For strains marked "x": Discharge of responsibility D

• For strains marked "xx": Discharge of responsibility X

Teaching establishments

No discharge of responsibility is required for the strains on the list of strains distributed to teaching establishments (Official Journal of 6/11/1973),.
No level 3 pathogenic strains are supplied to teaching establishments.

Protected strains

The distribution of certain protected strains requires a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Regulation of transportation

Click here for further information concerning the regulation for transportation of infectious materials.

Ordering procedure

Order forms via Internet

This site offers registered users the possibility of completing their order forms from a list of selected products or by consulting the full catalogue on-line. 

All requests should be addressed in writing (mail or fax). Order forms should be accompanied by covering letter on the official letterheading of the establishment concerned and sent to:

Centre de Ressources Biologiques de l’Institut Pasteur (CRBIP) 
25, rue du Docteur Roux 
75724 PARIS CEDEX 15 
Fax: 33 (0)1 40 61 30 07

Generating an order form from the site

• Login on the home page and proceed to the catalog ;

• Identify the material from the group of collections, using the available search options ;

• Tick the appropriate boxes and select the material and quantities and "Add to cart" ;

• Repeat to add further material required  to your cart ;

• Go to the "Your cart", check and make any modification before selecting "order"

• This generates your order form, follow instruction given to download your order form (or other documents in some cases), to be sent to the CRBIP. The contents of the order form and the delivery address can subsequently be modified if necessary by clicking on the links "Modify the contents of the order" and "Modify the client and/or delivery address."

Please MARK YOUR ORDER NUMBER at the top of the document, which should be printed on HEADED NOTEPAPER from your company/institution and signed. Transport costs, which will be communicated to you once your order has been received, must be added to the price of the products.

If it is not possible to follow the above procedure, the order form should carry:

• The delivery address, telephone and fax numbers ;

• The billing address, telephone and fax numbers ;

• The name of the person placing the order ;

• The number and date of the order.

A client form is completed when the first order is placed.


Consult and search on the CRBIP catalog


View the "prices table". An approximation of the transport charges are provided at reception of the order. This inform ation can be collected before ordering by writing to


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