Deposit of strains to the CRBIP


Deposit of bacterial strains to the CIP

Strains are deposited in the collection together with a completed "strain deposit form" indicating culture conditions and the components of the culture medium if necessary, the properties of the strain and references.

To deposit a bacterial strain in the CIP, it is necessary to write a letter enclosing the publication to be submitted or the results of the phenotypic and molecular characterisation of the strain.

These data will enable the CIP to carry out the necessary controls for assignment of a CIP registration number to the strain and for the attribution of its control certificate as soon as possible. The CIP agrees not to divulge the information supplied before its publication.

Deposit with a view to publication

The deposit of a bacterial strain in the CIP is free, except for strains subject to material transfer agreements (MTA) or on which taxes must be paid. 

The CIP reserves the right to refuse the deposit of a strain: bacterial strains of risk 3, strictly anaerobic strains requiring unusual culture conditions (extremophiles) are not accepted by the CIP.

Deposit of strains in the Pasteur Collection of Cyanobacteria (PCC)

For any information on the procedure and conditions, please contact the PCC: The form to be filled out by the depositor (Annex C) can be downloaded or obtained as an E-mail attachment upon request from the PCC: Muriel GUGGER

Note however that non-axenic cultures are generally not accepted for deposit.

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