Creating your account


Creating your user account

• your email address (to which login and password is sent if requested) ;

• an user id,  that composed of both letters and numbers (maximum of 10 characters) ;

• a password composed of both letters and numbers (maximum of 8 characters) ;

Once registered, you can edit your parameters any time.

Edit your user account parameters

Prior to any modifications of your parameters, you must provide your user id and password to log in.
You can change one or several parameters. You must confirm any modification of your password by typing the new password in the confirmation text field.

Forgotten login and/or password?

Type in the text field the email address you provided with the registration of your CRBIP user account.
Once the form is submitted, an email containing your login and password is sent to this email address.

CIP client account search

Clients can link their website user account to the client account that is registered in the Institut Pasteur client database.
This form will help to retrieve the information of your client account with a recent order using the delivery order form delivered to you with the products.

Fill in the appropriate fields with: 

• the delivery order number and the date of delivery.

• Once the form is submitted, the information of your client account is displayed. 

Information Form for Customer

You must provide a fully completed "Customer Information Form" with your order. The form will help you fill in electronically the document that you will print and sign. This form must be printed and signed and forwarded with your order.
All information is confidential and is not shared with any organisation outside of CRBIP. 

These documents may be sent to CRBIP:

 By post to: 

75724 - PARIS CEDEX 15

Or by fax:

33 1 40 61 30 07


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