Post-doctoral position on developmental biology of the heart

Postdoctoral position (sarting January 2015)


Developmental Biology


in the newly established group of Sigolène Meilhac


G5 Heart Morphogenesis, CNRS URA2578, Department of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, Paris, France


A postdoctoral position is available to study the cellular mechanisms of heart looping.


We study how cells are coordinated at the level of the tissue and how different aspects of cell behaviour are combined to generate global changes of organ shape.


Looping of the heart tube provides a striking example of 3D shape change, which is essential to align cardiac chambers and establish the double blood circulation. The direction of heart looping depends on the establishment of left-right patterning of the embryo. However, the cellular mechanisms underlying this are poorly understood. The aim of the project is to gain insight into the cellular mechanisms of heart looping, using approaches of embryology, cell biology, mouse genetics and computer modelling. A novel mouse model of heart looping defects will be developped and analysed.


This project is relevant to congenital heart diseases in humans resulting from a misalignment of cardiac chambers. This will be explored in collaboration with the Hospital Necker Enfants-Malades.


The position is funded by the Institut Pasteur for 3 years and is available from January 2015.


Highly motivated candidates are encouraged to postulate. A sound background in Developmental or Cell Biology is essential. Applications, including a covering letter, a curriculum vitae and contact details of three references should be sent to :


Sigolène Meilhac, Ph.D.


Updated on 11/08/2014

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