Pediatric Consultations

The Medical Center offers consultations for children concerning allergies (respiratory, dietary or dermatological problems, etc.) and infectious or tropical diseases.



A travel medicine consultation for a healthy child, or one suffering from a chronic disease, can help identify the specific risks associated with a trip abroad, making it easier to propose appropriate measures. At the Institut Pasteur Medical Center, pediatricians and allergy specialists work together to adapt vaccinations for children who are allergic to one of the components of a vaccine.
Pediatricians also see children and adolescents experiencing medical problems following a trip abroad, including on an emergency basis on the days they are available.
Please note: children or adolescents with a fever after returning from a malaria endemic region need to be seen as soon as possible.
For any emergencies outside the opening times for pediatric consultations, please contact your nearest emergency service.
See the opening times and details on how to make an appointment at the Institut Pasteur Medical Center.




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