Infectious and tropical diseases

The Institut Pasteur Medical Center is committed to delivering quality treatment and highly skilled services in the field of infectious and tropical diseases.




The medical team offering consultations on infectious and tropical diseases (PDF – 209kB) is composed of family and specialist physicians.

We have physicians with several different specialties:

  • Dermatology,
  • Hepatogastroenterology,
  • Internal medicine,
  • Rheumatology, reflecting the fact that infectious diseases affect the whole body, not a specific organ, and sometimes require joint treatment by several specialists.


The medical team at our infectious and tropical diseases and travel medicine clinic offer treatment for:

  • Patients with acute or subacute infectious disorders or any acute, subacute or chronic health problem after returning from a trip abroad,
  • Patients with an animal bite or scratch or possible rabies exposure, at the Anti-Rabies Center,
  • Patients with a chronic infection that requires regular monitoring, such as HIV or hepatitis infection,
  • Patients who have experienced accidental exposure to blood or other body fluids or to any other transmissible infectious agent, for a first-line or second-line expert opinion,
  • Patients seeking advice about any infectious disease,
  • Patients seeking advice to help them prepare for travel abroad, especially if they are in a weakened state,
  • Humanitarian workers assigned on a mission abroad or seeking treatment after returning from a mission abroad,
  • Patients seeking the advice of organ specialists concerning an infectious or inflammatory disease, especially in our dermatology clinic, where a considerable number of patients are being monitored for hidradenitis suppurativa.


In 2005, the Institut Pasteur Medical Center and the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department at Necker Children's Hospital signed an agreement to set up the Necker-Pasteur Center for Infectious Diseases.
The Necker-Pasteur Center for Infectious Diseases has two main aims:

  • The creation of a leading infectious disease center in the Greater Paris region for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, teaching and research, drawing on the wealth of complementary clinical, microbiological, scientific and epidemiological expertise that is unique in France. This benchmark facility will encourage the development of an innovative approach to treating infectious diseases in children and adults.
  • The center also aims to deliver a more effective response to public health needs in the area of infectious diseases in western Paris, where the two institutes are based, with the future creation of a health network.

This cooperation has meant that the physicians based in the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department at Necker Children's Hospital now hold some or all of their outpatient appointments at the Institut Pasteur Medical Center, which has become the outpatient clinic for the Necker-Pasteur Center for Infectious Diseases.

This is a long-term partnership that will be developed in specific areas, including the provision of treatment for patients with chronic diseases like HIV, hepatitis infection or hidradenitis suppurativa, as well as acute diseases such as those responsible for tropical fevers in people returning from travel abroad. The aim of this cooperation is to foster an integrated approach to improve diagnosis, treatment and monitoring for these patients and potentially also identify possibilities for participation in clinical research.
See the opening times and details on how to make an appointment at the Institut Pasteur Medical Center.


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