The Pasteur International Courses (PIC) Label

The Pasteur International Courses (PIC) Label - Institut Pasteur and the Pasteur International Network association - Institut Pasteur
The Institut Pasteur and the Pasteur Network association launch the official Pasteur International Courses “PIC” label for the Pasteur Network's training programmes, workshops and Massive Open On-Line Courses (MOOCs).

This programme, coordinated by the Education Department, the International Department and Pasteur  Network, will strengthen the visibility and attractiveness of education programmes, digital and onsite, across the Network.

It will also promote Institut Pasteur courses/MOOCs in local and regional universities, developing partnerships with other stakeholders and contributing to the career development of future scientific and public health leaders.

Courses in the Pasteur Network

The Institut Pasteur and the members of the Pasteur Network have always considered training in biological sciences for Public Health as one of its principal missions. That is why, the Institut Pasteur’s training programmes are constantly adapting to a rapidly changing research landscape, to endow future generations of scientists and health workers with the skills to address new global health challenges through research. To this end, it is pivotal to consistently offer the same world-class standards across all Institut Pasteur-labelled courses, workshops, and, online education which now represent an important part of the Institut Pasteur education programme, MOOCs.

The new PIC Labelling Programme will ensure that, in an increasingly competitive environment, the “Institut Pasteur” excellence will be recognised as best-in-class for research and training, attracting the students and researchers at all stages of their career, as well as laboratory technicians and health professionals.


  1. Certifying the excellence of Institut Pasteur courses, including MOOCs, offered across the Pasteur Network.
  2. Strengthening the visibility and attractiveness of education across the Pasteur Network.
  3. Promoting the Institut Pasteur courses/MOOCs across local and regional universities in the context of their respective academic credit system.
  4. Developing partnerships with other stakeholders such as Public Health Agencies and International Organisations.
  5. Contributing to the career development of the scientific and Public Health leaders of the future.


Open Call: to be confirmed
Closing date:8 March the following year
Evaluation by external Panel: March-May 
Decision Panel meeting: May 
Results: June 2021 for PRE-labelisation


Please refer to the application guidelines and procedure:

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Pasteur Network

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