Foundation Pasteur Suisse



Switzerland plays a leading role in scientific and medical research worldwide. Lausanne and Geneva are renowned centers of excellence in immunology, one of the Institut Pasteur's flagship areas of expertise. With 32 institutes tasked with fighting emerging and infectious diseases on every continent, it seemed only natural for the Institut Pasteur to seal an international partnership with Switzerland.


In addition, the Institut Pasteur has strong historical ties with Switzerland. Illustrious Swiss scientists have made our reputation what it is today. Alexandre Yersin discovered the plague bacillus in 1894, and Daniel Bovet, the Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine in 1957, pioneered chemotherapy and discovered the first antihistamine.


The Fondation Pasteur Suisse is an officially recognized public benefit organization located in Geneva. Its mission is to develop partnerships between Swiss research organizations with similar goals and to raise funds from private individuals and businesses with the aim of financing the Institut Pasteur's various activities. 

The Fondation Pasteur Suisse will be leveraging existing ties between the Institut Pasteur and Swiss research organizations to forge new partnerships with scientists. 

"Switzerland is a valuable ally for the Institut Pasteur. We already enjoy a number of successful partnerships with the University of Geneva, the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. With the Fondation Pasteur Suisse, we aim to develop these partnerships further and pool our respective expertise in research programs for the benefit of world health", said Professor Alice Dautry, President of the Institut Pasteur and also President of the Fondation Pasteur Suisse.


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Updated on 12/06/2014