Conference grants for scientists from the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP)

These Conference Grants, funded by the Institut Pasteur International Division, are are designed to facilitate the participation of young researchers within the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP) in major international conferences.


Conference Grants


Conference grants for scientists from the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP): Calmette & Yersin Programme 


These grants, funded by the Institut Pasteur International Division, aim at helping young scientists from the Institut Pasteur International Network to participate in international conferences.


The conference subject must be consistent with the candidate’s research area. The aim of the scholarship is to increase the candidate’s skills in his or her research area and improve the capabilities of the candidate’s institute.


The online application must include the conference summary, the oral presentation approval and an estimated budget.


RIIP scientists (students, researchers and tenured technicians) whose oral presentation is approved.


Depending on the duration of the conference.


All nationalities


The conference grant amount is paid in a lump sum to the candidate’s institute (maximum of €1,500).

Call for applications:

Open all year round.



Online Application exclusively:


Application pack

Applications must be submitted as soon as the applicant has been notified of the acceptance of his/her oral presentation.


The application must include:

  • Summary of the conference (1/2 page max.) and eventually the link to the website
  • The abstract submitted and accepted as oral presentation
  • Applicant’s curriculum vitae
  • Presentation of completed research and results obtained
  • Chronological list of scientific publications
  • Supporting letter from the director of the home institution
  • Supporting letter from the applicant’s supervisor
  • Acceptance letter for oral presentation abstract as sent by the conference organisers


The successful candidate commits to appear on all documents (slides, summary, etc..) logo of the Institut Pasteur, and to cite in the acknowledgments include the Institut Pasteur International Division for financial support.




Eliane Coëffier, PhD, Project Manager, International Division, Institut Pasteur et



Updated on 12/06/2014

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