Intra-Network Grants Calmette & Yersin

The Calmette & Yersin Intra-Network Grants, funded by the Department of International Affairs of the Institut Pasteur, are dedicated to permanent scientists (researchers or engineers) or post-doct from the Pasteur Network who wish to initiate, develop and/or consolidate a collaboration with a permanent researcher or engineer from another institute in the Network (with exception of the Institut Pasteur in Paris).


Deadline for candidature: October 02nd 2020

Online applications exclusively



The funding’s has to allow two researchers from two Pasteur Network institutes to initiate, develop and/or consolidate a common scientific project.


Any subject covered by the Pasteur Network institutes laboratories.


A selection committee decides how to allocate the grant depending on the quality of the project, the interest of the project for both collaborators, their team and their institute.


The candidate must be a researcher or ingeneer with a permanent position or post-doc in one institute of the Pasteur Network, with exception of the Institut Pasteur in Paris.


1 to 3 months.


All nationalities.


1 100 euros per month (transport is in charge ot candidate’s institute)

Call for applications: 

One call for applications per year.


The research project must be established jointly by the scientists, with the approval of their Pasteur Network institutes. It will define the objective(s) of the collaboration, the relevance of the project regard to the state of the art and the impact of the expected results.

Only online application, must contain:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Opinion of the host institute director
  • Opinion of the home institute director
  • Cover letter
  • Cover letter from the collaborator
  • Summary of the internship (with a brief description of the research and the aims of the internship with a timetable)
  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of the contact

Any incomplete application will be rejected.


  • Call for application: July, 09th 2020
  • Deadline date for application: October, 02nd 2020
  • Selection committee meeting: November
  • Decision notice: 2021

Online applications exclusively



Marianne Lucas-Hourani

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