Human Resources Department

The role of the Human Resources Department is to implement policy on jobs and skills management, training and recruitment in line with the Institut Pasteur's overall policy approach.


The Human Resources Department ensures efficient HR processes to help meet the development challenges facing the Institut Pasteur and the expectations of the research units.

The department also oversees proper, fair application of legal regulations and collective agreements. Additionally, it contributes to Institut Pasteur policy via recommendations made to senior management.

The Human Resources Department strives to maintain good employee and labor relations and improve the motivation and commitment of staff.

Assigned to the Administration Division, the department is organized into 3 key functional roles focusing on:
-    Relations with the campus community via an on-site service guiding Institut Pasteur staff and assisting with their human resources procedures.
-    Expert support in a comprehensive range of HR matters including human resources management, legal issues, training and recruitment processes, communications and industrial and labor relations.
-    Operations involving personnel monitoring, administration, payroll and management as well as medical care services for Institut Pasteur staff.

The Human Resources Department has been led by Olivier Gramail since May 2, 2012.

Updated on 06/02/2014


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