Department of Communications and Fundraising  

The Department of Communications and Fundraising is tasked with improving the Institut Pasteur’s visibility and notoriety among the general public and in the biomedical research arena via communications initiatives. It coordinates all fundraising operations, which account for 25% of the Institut Pasteur’s budget, targeting private donors, companies and sponsors.


The Department of Communications and Fundraising publicizes discoveries made by Institut Pasteur scientists and the various scientific partnerships between the Institut Pasteur and industrialists or other French and international research organizations.


It develops communications policies (positioning, image, graphic standard and style guide, media relations, campaigns, advertising, lectures for the general public, communication materials, etc.) and oversees their application.


The department administers and develops fundraising initiatives among individuals and businesses.


It sets up and coordinates advertising campaigns to the general public, with events such as Pasteurdon to make the Institut Pasteur’s need for donations known.


It enters into sponsorship agreements with companies and maintains close relations with the various stakeholders in the field.


It promotes the Institut Pasteur’s historical heritage, in particular through the Pasteur Museum and its collections.


It manages the relationships with the Fondation Pasteur Suisse, a foundation that aims to develop scientific partnerships and raise the funds needed to foster and establish them.


It enjoys close links with the Pasteur Foundation in New York and jointly organizes its annual gala.


On February 2, 2015, Dr. Jean-François Chambon took up the post of Vice-President Communications and Fundraising at the Institut Pasteur.

Updated on 09/02/2016


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