Assessment and Development for Researchers Department

The Assessment and Development for Researchers Department is a trusted advisor to two assessment bodies :


- the Scientific Council (for establishing new research units, carrying out assessments, etc.)

- Comesp, which assesses :


  • The scientific work of laboratory heads, research coordinators and engineers,
  • Candidates for promotion (category changes),
  • Proposals to recruit government-employed scientists on biology and public health contracts.

Further missions include :


- Scientific review of senior scientists (promotions, pay raises, career advancement, etc.);

- Hosting government-employed scientists on campus and related organization ;

- Scientific staff movements (assignments, transfers, resignations, retirement, etc.) ;

- Annual assessment by professors and department heads (liaising with the President and Senior Vice-President responsible for Scientific Affairs).


The Assessment and Development for Researchers Department has been led by Muriel Delepierre since January 4, 2010.


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Updated on 03/02/2014


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