Key figures

The institute founded by Louis Pasteur is today a unique integrated research hub fostering cooperation and synergy between scientists. The Institut Pasteur has established itself as an outward-looking and pioneering center constantly seeking to develop effective new partnerships and alliances. The numbers speak for themselves.


Key figures

Established 1887
Workforce Some 2,400 people (scientists, engineers, technicians, administrative staff) of over 60 nationalities


€282.4 million in 2013

Revenue from own activities: 46.2% (industrial royalties, sales and services, research contracts)

Government contributions: 28.7%

Donations, legacies and patrimony incomes: 25.1%


Research units 130 units organized into 11 research departments

Technological platforms

14 technological platforms

One center for the production of Anopheles

One software and databases group

Microorganism collections housed at the Institut Pasteur biological resources center

Training and knowledge transfer

500 students of 60 nationalities

National Reference Centers


WHO Collaborating Centers


International Network

32 institutes worldwide

Biotech start-up support

Fifteen new businesses launched over the last 15 years

Medical Center (2013 figures)


76 539 vaccinations

122,023 consultations for travel medicine, infectious and tropical diseases

6,905 consultations for allergies

2,393 consultations for rabies



Updated on 28/11/2014


Pasteur museum

Welcome to Pasteur Museum


The Pasteur Museum is located at the Institut Pasteur, situated at: 25 rue du Docteur Roux 75015 Paris, France

Pasteur Museum

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