Institut Pasteur 2012 accounts 

In 2012, the operating deficit amounted to -€23.2 M. This was due to the significant impact of high non-recurring operating costs. The financial result (€23.2 M), comprising income from investments, enabled us to balance the current result for the financial year. Exceptional items brought the Institut Pasteur's net result to €71.5 M.


Current revenue increased by 10.9% compared with 2011. The highest rises were recorded on research agreements and contracts, (mainly financial) revenues from assets and financial support from our donors. Financial support from public authorities, particularly the French Ministry of Research, was stable and remains key to balancing the Institut Pasteur's current result.

Current expenditure rose by 11.6% compared with 2011 and was significantly affected by the opening of the new François Jacob building and the contribution to provisions for pension liabilities. The operating deficit, as restated according to these non-recurring charges, was stable compared with the previous year. In terms of the Institut Pasteur’s activities, research accounts for the majority of current expenditure, while the rest is allocated to public health and teaching.



Exceptional operations relate to both a gift component (donations and legacies for the share exceeding €300 000) and a financial component (net valuation of financial assets resulting from capital gains or losses, realized or latent, based on the performance of the portfolio, with the balance of capital gains generated always exceeding the capital losses realized).

In 2012, the donations and legacies recorded as exceptional income amounted to €13.8 M, slightly down (-€1.9 M) in relation to 2011. On the other hand, the financial component (€26.1 M) rose sharply.
This year exceptional items also included capital gains of €31.7 M achieved from the sale of four rental properties and the Combray estate. Due to these exceptional items, the Institut Pasteur recorded a net result of €71.5 M.

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Updated on 28/08/2014


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