Good research practice is not possible without ethical rules to guide the way. The Institut Pasteur has an Ethics Charter outlining the broad principles guiding research practice within its walls.


The Institut Pasteur Ethics Charter affirms the foundation’s commitment to conducting its research within a strict ethical framework, contributing to the respect of ethical considerations in research on living beings and human dignity, and upholding human rights. The Institut Pasteur Ethics Charter is consistent with the codes of ethics recognized by the international community.


The Ethics Charter was drawn up by the Ethical Vigilance Committee. It is published under the authority of the general management and contains a series of regulations and reference texts for the Institut Pasteur and anyone who works there regardless of their role. The charter is re-examined and updated on an annual basis to account for developments in international and national legislation, as well as ethical issues raised by progress in research.


> Download the Institut Pasteur Ethics Charter (PDF - 822 KB).

Updated on 13/02/2014