Institut Pasteur and Entrepreneurship

The philosophy of the Entrepreneurship at the Institut Pasteur is based on facilitating the creation of new companies that exploit the science, technologies and know-how discovered and developed on the campus.


The Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship team as well as other administrative services provide the Entrepreneurs with a number of resources needed for the initiation and launch of the company including legal, marketing, business development, management, financial and technical support services as well as laboratory and office facilities.


In most cases, the Institut Pasteur develops several types of relationship with its spin-off:

  • A shareholder position, contributing to the initial capital of the company and when possible facilitating the search for additional seed funding,
  • A licensor position strengthening the start up with a strong patent portfolio
  • An incubator position giving access to equipped P1, P2 and P2+ laboratories and offices,
  • A collaborative position providing, when requested by the company, privileged access to laboratories and scientific teams or core facilities.

The Institut Pasteur keeps close ties with its companies and continues to add value through placement of individuals, licensing of key technologies and connections into industry, venture capital and economic development.


The Institut Pasteur is not a long-term shareholder and expects to exit from its spin-off capital within 6 to 8 years from initial investment to reinvest in new start ups.


Updated on 13/06/2014


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