Recommended vaccinations

Routine vaccination:

Vaccinations included in the vaccination schedule to be updated

Hepatitis A

1 injection two weeks before departure, booster 1 to 3 (5) years later

Children: aged ≥1 year.

Based on your travel plans:

NB : Un certificat de vaccination antiamarile est exigé des voyageurs en provenance de pays où il y a un risque de transmission de la fièvre jaune.

NB: A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travelers arriving from countries with a risk of yellow fever transmission.

Hepatitis B

For long or frequent trips
Two injections one month apart
Booster 6 months later
When protection is needed as early as possible (with almost imminent departure), an accelerated schedule of three injections within a short interval and a fourth dose 1 year later is feasible, in adults only.


For long trips to isolated areas


For long trips or in conditions of poor hygiene

Children: aged ≥2 years

Malaria prevention

No malaria transmission in Belize City or the islands visited by tourists. There is only a very limited risk of malaria in the south (Stann Creek).

Prévention :

  • Pas de chimioprophylaxie
  • Protection contre les piqûres de moustiques

En cas de fièvre survenant pendant le séjour ou dans les mois qui suivent le retour, il convient de consulter un médecin le plus rapidement possible.

Preventive treatments

Go to the Institut Pasteur Medical Center General Recommendations page.

(Source: Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin [BEH] – Health Recommendations for Travelers)


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