Recommended vaccinations

Systématiquement :

Vaccinations included in the vaccination schedule to be updated

Hepatitis A

1 injection two weeks before departure, booster 1 to 3 (5) years later

Children: aged ≥1 year

Based on your travel plans:

Hepatitis B

For long or frequent trips Two injections one month apart Booster 6 months later. When protection is needed as early as possible (with almost imminent departure), an accelerated schedule of three injections within a short interval and a fourth dose 1 year later is feasible, in adults only.


For long trips to isolated areas Children: as soon as they can walk


For long trips or in conditions of poor hygiene Children: aged ≥2 years

Tick-borne encephalitis

If staying in rural or forest areas, from spring to autumn

Children: aged ≥1 year

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