Fundamental virology

Biology of Microorganisms

This 11-week theoretical and practical course provides fundamental knowledge about viral families and their interactions with host cells.

Practical information

Institut Pasteur
September 2-November 14, 2019 (exams included)
June 22, 2019
In French


Credits for a Master 2 degree Université de Paris
Credits for a Master 2 degree Sorbonne Université
Doctoral School Module
Institut Pasteur Diploma
University diploma Paris Diderot

This training includes lectures given by international scientists, thematic seminars, round tables / debates on current topics in virology and practical work organized by teams from the Institut Pasteur.

Topics include the structure of viruses and the expression of viral genomes, the molecular interactions between virus and host proteins, viral strategies, virus pathogenesis mechanisms and antiviral therapies, viral vectors and their applications, vaccination against viruses, epidemiology and emerging viruses.

The course consists of the following parts:

  • Three weeks of lectures providing students with basic and transversal knowledge about the host and viruses interactions.
  • A week of practical work on molecular epidemiology and viral phylogenetic analysis.
  • Four and a half weeks of specialized courses on the organization and functioning of various viral genomes, as well as aspects related to the pathologies associated with viral infections and practical work on recent approaches and techniques in virology.
  • Thematic group seminars supervised by confirmedresearchers and the writing of a synthetic review

More informations


Pierre-Emmanuel Ceccaldi

Unité d’épidémiologie et physiopathologie des virus oncogènes, Université de Paris

Institut Pasteur


Jean-Pierre Vartanian

Unité de rétrovirologie moléculaire

Institut Pasteur



Nolwenn Jouvenet

Unité de génomique virale et vaccination

Institut Pasteur


Head(s) of laboratory practicals

Nolwenn Jouvenet

Unité de génomique virale et vaccination

Institut Pasteur

11 semaines
Members of the Course committee

PE. Ceccaldi* (Université de Paris),

A. Garbarg-Chenon (ENS),

U. Hazan (ENS Cachan),

N. Jouvenet (Institut Pasteur),

M. Lucas-Hourani (Institut Pasteur),

S. Malot (Institut Pasteur), 

V. Maréchal* (Sorbonne Université),

V. Ponticelli (Institut Pasteur).

F. Rozenberg* (Université de Paris),

M. Sala (Institut Pasteur),

M. Thoulouze (Institut Pasteur),

N. Tordo (Institut Pasteur),

S. van der Werf* (Institut Pasteur/ Université de Paris)

JP. Vartanian(Institut Pasteur),

JL. Virelizier (Institut Pasteur),

H. Waxin (Institut Pasteur).


* Représentants des Universités

Candidates must have a good knowledge of molecular and cellular biology, as well as a level in virology training at least equivalent to that of end of first year of master . Applications will be evaluated by the Course Committee.

Opening of applications on April 3, 2018

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