Training at the Institut Pasteur

In collaboration with the experts on the campus, the training division of the HR-Engineering team offers internal training courses to which you can register if you have the prerequisites and the agreement of your supervisor.

Thank you for registering as soon as possible, the number of places is limited. Training can be canceled if less than 6 registered.

These training courses are open to Pasteurians and OREX (except as specified in the training description at the prerequisite level or target audience).


Training course for the practice of "SURGERY"

with the training organization VETSALIUS and the Education Department of the Institut Pasteur - 3 days - In French

  • Models of experimental surgery
  • Organization of an Experimental Surgery Laboratory
  • Anesthesia & analgesia, monitoring, hemostasis
  • Perioperative care

Dates: 4-6 September 2017 (Possibility of practice on 7 & 8 September 2017 according to the needs and validation of the level of practice by the Animalerie Centrale)

Training «Writing and publishing a scientific paper in English»

with the training organization Sciences Impact - 3 days - In English

  • paper plan
  • General structure of the paper: mastering the organizational approach
  • Working style

Dates: 12-14 September 2017

Training "How to present your works at conferences and symposiums"

with the Science Impact training organization - 3 days - In English

  • Presentation at a conference, meeting
  • Chairing a meeting or facilitating a workshop

Dates: 15-17 November 2017

Training «Introduction to PYTHON programming for scientists»

with training organization LOGILAB - 4 days - In French

  • Python Interpreter
  • Python Data Type Presentations
  • Language Basics, Digital Data Handling
  • Reading and writing data files
  • First look at the standard library

Dates: 26-29 September 2017

Training "Basic concepts of statistics"

with the training organization ANASTATS - 3 days - In French

  • Be able to describe a series of values
  • Correctly solve problems that statistics can solve
  • Be able to choose and implement the statistical test adapted to each situation
  • Know how to interpret the corresponding software outputs

Dates: 3-5 October 2017

Training «Introduction to software R»

with training organization ANASTATS - 3 days - In French

  • Introduction to software practice
  • Mainly used by graphic interfaces

Dates: 6-8 December 2017

Advanced R-Use

training with the ANASTATS training organization - 3 days - In French

  • Making Graphs
  • Automate data processing & reporting
  • Practice the creation of more or less complex scripts, use loops, create its own functions


Molecular Phylogeny: Concepts, Methods & Interpretation

with C3BI - 5 days- In French

  • Three methods of phylogenetic tree construction: distance, parsimony and maximum likelihood.
  • Bayesian methods

Dates: 18-22 December 2017

Training "Enhancing Biomedical Research and Innovation"

with Sorbonne Université (University Diploma) and Education Department - 11 days - In French

  • For the economic and regulatory context
  • To work with or in the health industries
  • Entrepreneurship in Biomedical

Audience concerned: researchers, engineers, post-docs and doctoral students and anyone in support services with an interest in valorization
Dates: January 10-March 24, 2018


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