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The Institut Pasteur pre-Doctoral program is an essential part of the missions of the institute, which include research, teaching, public health and research valorization or knowledge transfer. 


Closed registrations for the 2017-2018 school year

Several exciting programs are offered ranging from high school observation weeks, European Erasmus+ summer internships, Pasteur Foundation scholars, AMGEN undergraduate program and the iGEM international synthetic biology competition with MIT (USA) for undergraduate or Master’s level graduate students.

The goals of the pre-doctoral program’s team is to generate initial curiosity in the students, based on ventures into the fields of science and new learning methods, including exposure to the latest technological platforms, virtual learning centers dispensing MOOCS, or through cultural encounters with the diversity of the individual tracks of fellow students, including their different countries or schools of origin.

It is of importance for us to build belonging in younger students, as well as insight, for future decisions on their careers as they come to grasp with the unique opportunities that the Institut Pasteur offers for future Graduate, PhD or biomedical studies. This opportunity driven approach becomes effective as the initial apprehension to enter a World renowned center has subsided, and the excitement to pursue a career in science slowly shapes up in their imagination.

This educational program is sustained by the action of Pasteurian Administrative staff and researchers, including career scientists, post-docs, PhD students and office personnel. Whether it be a week-long stay or a 6-month Master’s degree research project, students come to interact and learn from dedicated people who take education as an essential component of their research experience.

7th graders - Observation week

This programme is dedicated to students in last year of secondary school (classe de 3ième), who are required to complete a one-week observational training in professional environment.

This programme is reserved to students of French schools. For this reason, the web pages concerning this programme are in French.

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