Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Programs

The Institut Pasteur with its 130 research units is truly a higher-education hotspot for many young scientists. Each Institut Pasteur research laboratory is affiliated to a Doctoral school accredited by a Parisian university and involved in supervision and training for doctoral students. Some 220 doctoral studentsconduct research projects in Institut Pasteur laboratories.Doctoral students are an integral part of the Institut Pasteur community.

Doctoral and post-doctoral programs

Pasteur-Paris University International doctoral program

The Institut Pasteur organizes a doctoral program in collaboration with the universities Paris-Descartes, Paris-Diderot, Pierre and Marie Curie, and Paris-Sud, for students holding a master degree or the equivalent in science...

Programme Médecine Sciences

Les bouleversements scientifiques et les progrès technologiques récents transforment radicalement l’exercice de la médecine et de la recherche biomédicale.

EMHE Program

Enhancing Mobility in Health and Environment between Latin-American and Carribean countries and Europe

Institut Pasteur International Network Doctoral Program 

Thesis and ceremony

Thèses et cérémonie 2014

Ceremony for newly graduated students

Since 2013, the Institut Pasteur organizes each year a ceremony for the students who have graduated during the year.



Thesis defenses

The list of theses defended each year



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