The Center for Innovation and Technological Research (Citech)

A technological hub to advance innovation and research – that sums up the work of the Center for Innovation and Technological Research (Citech), which enables teams at the Institut Pasteur and in its International Network to access and share technologically advanced equipment and methods, as well as know-how and training.


A collection of technological platforms and skills

The Citech was set up in 2014, bringing together under one management the technological platforms (80 people), the Central Animal Facility (50 people) and the newly created Pasteur Tech Lab, which will host innovative technological R&D (research and development) projects. This comprehensive suite of technological services brings together wide-ranging expertise and promotes synergy between teams. It is jointly led in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur's research departments and is available for all scientists on the Paris campus and in the Institut Pasteur International Network.

Academic and industrial partnerships

The Center for Innovation & Technological Research strengthens its capabilities via partnerships:

  • Academic partnerships with institutions such as ESPCI ParisTech, for collaborative research in the areas of drop- and paper-based microfluidics and super-resolution microscopy.
  • Industrial partnerships, since the Citech represents an interface between the Institut Pasteur's research laboratories and technology companies. The Center promotes interaction with these partners and develops research projects with them, in conjunction with the activities of the Research Applications and Industrial Relations Department.

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