The 53rd Directors' Meeting of Pasteur Network honors young scientists


The 53rd Directors' Meeting of Pasteur Network took place from November 23 to 26, 2021, entitled Building tomorrow's network. Organized online, it offered an opportunity to take a fresh look at the network, formerly known as the "International Network of Pasteur Institutes" and now known as "Pasteur Network" through its new organization. Young scientists from the Pasteur Network were given the opportunity to share their vision of the network and two Talent Awards were given out on this occasion.

Every year, The Directors' Meeting of Pasteur Network gathers the directors or representatives of the 33 members of the network. For this edition, the theme chosen, "Building tomorrow's network", echoed the recent evolutions of the Pasteur Network, by evoking the future. The event was introduced by speeches from Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Honorary President of the Pasteur Network, Stewart Cole, President of the Institut Pasteur and President of the Pasteur Network foundation, and Amadou Alpha Sall, Director General of the Institut Pasteur de Dakar and President of the Pasteur Network.

During the first day, a session gave the floor to the future leaders of the network. Involving young scientists from the 4 regions of the Pasteur Network, this sequence opened the discussion regarding the future ambitions of the Pasteur Network through eight presentations whose themes are detailed in the program. Collaborative tools such as the Institut Pasteur's ACIP programs, the network's scientific platforms, etc. were also discussed during the second day in order to give an overview of all the possibilities offered to the members within the network.

The scientific day organized by the Scientific Orientation Committee of the Pasteur Network (Cos-PN) was held and allowed to discuss scientific orientations and partnerships such as the study of ticks or antimicrobial resistance. The organization of the network and its new governance were also on the agenda of the Directors ‘meeting with the holding of Pasteur Network's bodies: the general assembly of the association and the management committee of the new Pasteur Network Foundation housed at the Institut Pasteur.

The Talent Awards 2021 ceremony was traditionally held as part of this event. During the fifth edition of these awards, Dr. Gregoria Iraola and Dr. Nathalie Vandevelde, respectively from the Pasteur Institute de Montevideo (Uruguay) and Sciensano (Belgium), were rewarded for their commitment to the Pasteur Network.


Prof. Amadou Alpha Sall, President of the Pasteur Network, concluding about the young scientists' energy

They are covering fields in new technologies, public health and also looking forward to the future and working together



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