24th Pasteur-Weizmann Symposium: Biological Communication


The topic chosen for the 24th Pasteur-Weizmann Symposium is on the universal and key subject of Biological Communication. The scientific organizers are Pr Andrés Alcover (Institut Pasteur) and Dr Avraham Yaron (Weizmann Institute). About 24 scientists from both institutes, together with two leading international investigators in the field, will participate. The symposium will be open to all the scientific community.


June 16-17, 2014






Institut Pasteur

Auditorium du CIS

28, rue du Dr. Roux

75015 Paris




Scientific organizing Committee

Pr Andrés Alcover, Institut Pasteur
Dr Avraham Yaron, Weizmann Institute




Download the program of the 24th Pasteur-Weizmann Symposium here








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The Conseil Pasteur-Weizmann

A landmark Scientific Cooperation agreement was signed in 1975 by Professor Michael Sela, then President of the Weizmann Institute, and Professor Jacques Monod, Director of the Institut Pasteur. A joint association, the Conseil Pasteur-Weizmann, was established, whose main aim and task has been to promote and support the active scientific cooperation programs between the two Institutions.
The Conseil Pasteur-Weizmann is led by Dr. Robert Parienti, Delegate-General of the Weizmann Institute in France and Europe and the Chairman is M. Bernard Esambert. The Conseil Pasteur-Weizmann elects every three years a Scientific Council which consists of scientists from both institutions. The different programs and relations between the institutes are handled by two coordinators, Dr. Nancy Guillen from Institut Pasteur and Pr. Avraham Levy from the Weizmann Institute.
The Scientific Council has established a number of active programs:

- an annual competitive distribution of joint research grants,

- an exchange program of scientists for short term visits,

- a program to fund Postdoc candidates from one institute to the other,

- and the sponsoring of a joint symposium which alternates every two years between the Pasteur Institute in Paris and the Weizmann institute in Rehovot.

Updated on 11/06/2014

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