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This is an update of the third release of ABCISSE (version 3.3). ABCISSE is a relational database describing the properties and the protein composition of experimentally investigated ATP-binding cassette (ABC) systems. In addition, we report complete inventories of the predicted ABC systems for organisms whose complete genome sequence is known.
In the latter case, ABC proteins and their interacting partners were identified by comparing the proteomes of these organisms to the full content of ABCISSE. Systems were reconstructed and sorted in families and subfamilies according to the phylogenetic and functional classification with was described in our publications. We predict the polarity of transport, the substrate specificity and the biological role of these systems.
The database now contains all ABC systems so far identified in the GenBank database translations on December 2003. The annotation process is manual and this explains the delay in sequence annotation. To follow the increasing amount of new genomic sequences, future updates will appear periodically.
For suggestions, corrections, or comments on the annotations, please contact us.
Philippe Bouige
Elie Dassa

Some statistics on the content of ABCISSE :

  Number of
  Species   Completed
  Systems   Partners
  906   276   13267   34324

Our classification is based on, and described in the following publications.
Bouige P, Laurent D, Piloyan L, Dassa E.
Phylogenetic and functional classification of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) systems.
Curr Protein Pept Sci. 2002 Oct;3(5):541-59.

Dassa E, Bouige P.
The ABC of ABCS: a phylogenetic and functional classification of ABC systems in living organisms.
Res Microbiol. 2001 Apr-May;152(3-4):211-29.

Saurin W, Hofnung M, Dassa E.
Getting in or out: early segregation between importers and exporters in the evolution of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters.
J Mol Evol. 1999 Jan;48(1):22-41.

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