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Selected publications of the Unit, published in 2007


 Arroyo J, Sarfati J, Baixench MT, Ragni E, Guillen M, Rodriguez-Pena JM, Popolo L, and Latgé JP. (2007) The GPI-anchored Gas and Crh families are fungal antigens. Yeast. 24(4):289-296.

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 Schöbel F, Ibrahim-Granet O, Avé P, Latgé JP, Brakhage AA, and Brock M. (2007) Aspergillus fumigatus does not require fatty acid metabolism via isocitrate lyase for development of invasive aspergillosis. Infect Immun. 75(3):1237-1244.

 Tramsen L, Beck O, Schuster FR, Hunfeld KP, Latgé JP, Sarfati J, Röger F, Klingebiel T, Koehl U,  & Lehrnbecher T. (2007) Generation and characterization of anti-Candida T cells as potential immunotherapy in patients with Candida infection after allogeneic hematopoietic stem-cell transplant. J Infect Dis. 196(3):485-492.

 Knechtle P, Goyard S, Brachat S, Ibrahim-Granet O, d'Enfert C. (2007) The phosphatidylinositol dependent phospholipases C Plc2 and Plc3 of Candida albicans are dispensable for morphogenesis and host pathogen interaction. Research in Microbiology (In press).

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 Firon A, Aubert S, Iraqui I, Guadagnini S, Goyard S, Prévost MC, Janbon G, d'Enfert C (2007) The SUN41 and SUN42 genes are essential for cell separation in Candida albicans. Mol. Microbiol 66:1256-1275


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