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Mycobacteria: Genomics, BACs and Resistance
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Evolutionary scheme of the members of the M. tuberculosis complex

A new evolutionary scenario for the Mycobacterium tuberculosiscomplex.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (2002) 99: 3684-3689.(pdf), Web-based supporting material: (Primer-Table 1.pdf, RD-Table 2.pdf ). (Science-Editor's choice commentary).

The evolution of mycobacterial pathogenicity: clues from comparative genomics.
Trends in Microbiology (2001) 9: 452-458, (pdf)

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Macro-array and bioinformatic analyses reveal mycobacterial 'core' genes, variation in the ESAT-6 gene family and new phylogenetic markers for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex.
Microbiology (2004) 150: 483 - 496., (pdf)

A very recent study on human isolates from East Africa enabled the probable progentor species of the M. tuberculosis complex to be identified and characterized. Further information on this study is avalable via the open access article:
Gutierrez, M.C., Brisse, S., Brosch, R., Fabre, M., Omais, B., Marmiesse, M., Supply, P., and Vincent V. (2005) Ancient Origin and Gene Mosaicism of the Progenitor of Mycobacterium tuberculosis . PLoS Pathog 1: e5 (pdf) (News-Commentary ).

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